DWoofPack - Instant Dog food - Chicken Liver Meal


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D WoofPack is the instant wet dog meal you (and your doggie) were waiting for in a market otherwise crowded by ginormous dry food variants. It is packed with all vital nutrition your pet partner needs, while also making her / him salivate over it.

D WoofPack is formulated by our in-house dieticians – with brown rice, real chicken and liver chunks, eggs, garden veggies, flax seed, coconut oil and turmeric, added in just the right proportions – to make your pet stay healthy, happy and strong.

Being a wet meal, D WoofPack has enough moisture to keep your companion hydrated even during a harsh summer day. It’s rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that aid reproduction, metabolism, immune function, and skin and coat health. Each D WoofPack box contains two 500 gm (2X500 = 1 kg) pouches to energise your tailed buddy.

The easiest way to your dog’s heart is through her / his tummy. It’s time you D WoofPack-ed your dog.

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Feeding Guide

  • Introduce D WoofPack in small portions – 25:75 current food, to start with – and then, gradually increase the proportion to 50:50, 75:25 and 100%
  • Either microwave or heat D WoofPack content for three minutes and serve your pet