About Us

About TailsLife

TailsLife is currently India's most downloaded and used pet care app. Started in 2015, TailsLife is an app, available on both iOS and Android, that gives you tailormade content depending on your dog or cat's age. One may also use TailsLife to book groomers, boarders and vets directly from their phones. TailsLife's thriving forum - called 'Tales' also allows eager pet parents to show off their pet's latest antics and share them with other pet parents.


About Furresh

With an endeavor to improve every pets life considerably, and making pet parenting easier than ever before, we at TailsLife launched our own brand of pet (dog) food under the name 'Furresh' in Late 2017. 
Furresh is made after consulting some of the best vets in the country, and is packaged using the latest technology that ensures the freshness of the food we deliver, always! 
Each batch is diligently sent for lab testing, and we ensure that optimum nutrition is delivered to every pet in every meal. 

Currently we serve only in Bangalore.
Contact - 9916339770 / 9886919968 for any Queries.